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Church Van Pornography

To be honest, I laughed out loud when I saw this. Before you go judging me, let me explain.

It was one of those laugh first, think later moments. I mean, who does that? Maybe a guy was praying one day and got an inspired idea for witnessing. Possible. Let’s assume not. What person in their right mind would be so cavalier as to drive a church van to a porn shop? Wasn’t he worried about being seen? And what if another member of that church happened to pass by and notice? Maybe I was shocked to laughter, the blatancy of it all.

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Steal The Instruments

Choose horn, drum, stringed, keyed, or anything you like.

But take nothing from a music store.

It must be from the owners; they have more to lose.

Bob loves his bass. Sally lives for sax. Tony sleeps with his tuba.

You understand.

So sneak into band practice and steal when they take five.

Crawl through the window when they break for dinner.

Be a roadie for a day and volunteer your trunk for transport.

Rush the field at halftime and really steal the show.

Have fun with it, and soon only those who crave the art will risk the loss,

Practicing in secret until they drum up the nerve to play in the light.

We all win when the fame-hungry fakers are scared away from music.

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