Pray At Work (Without Getting Fired)

Let’s face it, unless you work for a church, or maybe Chick-fil-A, you don’t get paid to pray on the job. You are there to earn a living and benefit the company. So here are 3 ways to pray at work, without getting fired or creeping people out:

1. Give up your lunch.

Now before you roll your eyes and close this page, think about it. You could connect with God and save calories at the same time. I’m pretty sure you could count it as a fast too! (Double Bonus)

 2. Head Up. Eyes Open.

This will come as a shock to some, and it may feel wrong at first, but it is actually perfectly acceptable to pray without bowing your head and closing your eyes. But be warned, if you do so while facing a coworker they will think you are talking to them. When you respond, “Sorry. I wasn’t talking to you,” and they look around and see no one else there, you will forever be “Creepy (Your Name Here)” with the imaginary friend. Nobody wants that.

 3. The “Let Me Do It” Approach

How would you like to chat with Almighty God and earn brownie points with your boss at the same time? Me too! So, the next time your boss is looking for a volunteer to clean the back room, drive to get office supplies, or give their bull-dog a bath, just stand up with excitement and say “Let me do it!” You, my friend, have just bought yourself some quality PT (Prayer Time) and possibly a promotion.

It’s that easy folks. The days of hiding under your desk, awkwardly long trips to the bathroom, and questions like “Are you really sleeping right now?” are over. Now get out there and pray for pay. I’m kidding. You have to work too!

Feel free to add to this list of prayer tips in the comment section below.

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