Out To Sea


Clarence: Husband to Bethany. Struggling to keep him and his wife alive.

Bethany: Wife to Clarence. Homemaker.

 A husband and wife on a small boat, lost at sea.

Bethany:  Well, now I’m worried.

Clarence:  Why? The waves have finally settled. We’re ok for now.

Bethany:  No, not that Clarence. I have already come to accept the fact that we are             probably going to die out here. I just can’t remember if I cleaned the house before we left.

Clarence:  What? Are you kidding me?

Bethany:  I should think not.

Clarence:  I would blame the water deprivation, or the lack of food, but I think you really are just crazy enough to be thinking about a dusty house right now.

Bethany:  Can you imagine what people are going to think when they enter our house to gather our things, or to set up the estate sale? Do you want them to assume we were slobs? I certainly do not!

Clarence:  You know what? I didn’t think about that. (In a mocking tone) “I used to think Clarence Alan was an upstanding gift to society, and then I saw the dirty underwear on his bathroom floor.” We have to survive! We have to make it back to clean the house!

Bethany:  Finally you understand. Paddle faster, Clarence! Paddle, our reputations depend on it!

Clarence:  Your sick. (looks forward, shakes his head, and starts paddling slowly as she splashes behind him frantically)

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