Good Deed Ninja Caper

Have you ever been shocked by the love and generosity of another person? Someone who showed up at the perfect moment to bless you in a way you weren’t expecting.

There is always an initial feeling of guilt—You shouldn’t have done this— followed immediately by an overwhelming sense of gratitude. You’re in no position to repay them and you can tell they don’t expect you to. They are just happy to do it.

My wife and I have been experiencing cool moments like that lately, and it makes me think of two things:

  1. It reminds me of the character and nature of God. He gives, redeems, and sustains life, clothes the earth in beauty, and sacrificially loves people who couldn’t pay him back in a thousand infinities.
  2. We should all do a caper. Bob Goff, author of the book Love Does, talks a lot about the idea of doing capers. He’s not referring to the prankish, illegal enterprise sort of caper, or the delicious condiment. He means spontaneous adventures that add value to the lives of others.

Here’s my idea: What if we figured out little ways to sneak blessings into the lives of those around us? 

Something special for a family member, friend, or complete stranger and execute it without revealing your identity, like some kind of Good Deed Ninja.

You can plan it out or be spontaneous. Go extravagant or keep it modest. Make it a team effort or fly solo. Be creative, but just make it happen.


  • Leave a nice card under someone’s windshield wiper.
  • Make sure the person is home. Set a bag of groceries on the front step, ring the doorbell, and run away.
  • Anonymously send “Just Because” flowers to a friend at work.
  • Slip a twenty into someone’s coat pocket.
  • Leave a note for a coworker telling them how much you appreciate his/her work ethic.

Never underestimate the impact of a simple anonymous gesture. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly; it can be free. Just knowing that someone out there cares can make all the difference for an individual. Plus, it’s fun to plot and scheme.

So, who’s with me? 

Here are a few ways you can participate in the Good Deed Ninja Caper Project:

  1. Leave an idea for a good caper in the comments section at the bottom of this page.
  2. Get the word out. Assemble a crew of co-conspirators, fellow ninjas if you will.
  3. Email me at and simply say, “I’m in.” Also, feel free to tell me your caper stories and I will gladly share them on [theo]culture in the future, anonymously of course.

I’m interested to see what stories come from this. If nothing else, I just want to be more aware of the people around me.

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