“Christians are getting what they deserve.”

“They’re getting what they deserve.”

That’s what a good friend of mine told me after reading my post on Monday. You can read that here.

“I see the point of your blog,” he said, “but my view is that if Christianity hadn’t spent hundreds of years hurting and killing people, robbing people of their rights, forcing their views down people’s throats, objecting against every civil rights movement since the birth of the nation…”

He continued. His point was that Christians have spent centuries persecuting others, yet they are the first ones to cry Woe is me, when they are mocked or poorly treated.

You did it to yourself, in other words.

Here is what I didn’t say in response: “How dare you. Christians have walked perfectly in the footsteps of Christ from the moment he disappeared into the clouds. It’s the atheists that have done all the damage.”

I didn’t say that because it isn’t true.

The Crusades, the murdering of “heretics”, witch hunts, the endorsement of slavery and inequality all fall in the lap of the Christian church. Thousands of people have died at the hands of the religious. This is fact.

However, every vile act done in the name of God is carried out in opposition to the commands of Jesus. The gospel does not sanction mistreatment of any kind.

A godless worldview cannot say the same. Who or what is to blame for the millions killed in the name of humanism? Hitler’s Nietzschean Superman complex inspired him to slaughter an entire nation. If not sin and evil, do we blame human nature?

Atheism, on the other hand, provides the logical basis for an autonomous, domineering will, expelling morality. Darwin himself predicted the slippery slope of violence if evolutionary theory were translated into a philosophy of life. – Ravi Zacharias

Even from that perspective, are all atheists murderers who deserve to be taught a lesson? The question itself is absurd. The same is true of Christians.

It’s easy to point to slavery and civil rights as examples of Christian failure and completely forget about men like Martin Luther King, Jr. and William Wilberforce who literally spent their lives opposing racism. They understood from the Bible that all men were created in God’s image.

Do Dr. King and Wilberforce deserve to be thrown in the same pile, bound together with racists because of shared affiliation of faith? Clearly there is a distinction.

Nevertheless, the sins of the church are inescapable; to even attempt denial is shameful.

Children have been molested in church offices. Pastors have lined their pockets with the tithes of parishioners, proving to be nothing more than charlatans and snake-oil salesmen. Instead of fighting the AID’s epidemic, many Christians have resorted to I-Told-You-So’s and blatant apathy.

But all of this has been done in the presence of a heartbroken Jesus who would point us to the blood-soaked gospel. Remember, it was the religious who cried “Crucify him!” in the first place, yet he willingly died and has chosen the church, made up of imperfect people, to be his messengers of hope for humanity.

I apologize, to the degree that I can, for the harm caused by the church. I also apologize for my contribution.

To my unbelieving friends, the loudest, most disruptive voices are usually the ones that make the headlines. These brash, hateful hypocrites do not represent the whole, though none of us have reached perfection. I simply ask that you consider the difference and label each accordingly.

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4 responses to ““Christians are getting what they deserve.””

  1. Joel says :

    Absolutely agree.

    People who say Christians deserve the insults for Christianity’s dark history are just trying to find the quickest way to fault others so they can think themselves distinct and above their fallen, human condition.

    The worst part is that it seems like anti-christian secularists don’t believe in freedom. They want Christians to live in debt to history… while they (whose blood relatives were apart of that history) are free to accuse religion all they want. It’s the exact same argument that happens with reparations: Certain ethnicities want to be repaid for the wrongs their ancestors incurred… as if money can erase the horror of the past.

    Point being: In each case (anti-Christians and those for reparations), history predetermines who we are now. Which translates into certain groups of people (the anti-christians) wanting to deny equal rights and equal freedom to us Christians. Which is pretty scary to think about.

    Okay i’m done ranting. I hope that made sense. Good post sir

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