How about a Stylish Adult Baptism?

I’ve seen a lot of baptisms over the years, and while I enjoy them, I often leave feeling a bit underwhelmed. I’m not saying submersion is boring, just that, on its own, it lacks a certain elegance. Pizzazz, if you will.

That’s why I thank God for Style Network and this lovely Texan. Who wouldn’t want to be baptized after watching this video? It’s like Diddy threw a White Party at a fabulous church picnic.

Gone are the days of horse troughs and ugly, blue tanks filled with ice-cold water and shivering converts. No more ill-fitting choir robes or corny church t-shirts—Just because John the Baptist dressed like a bum in the water doesn’t mean we have to.

It should be about style and atmosphere and cake. I would go back under myself if I knew it meant a slice of marble with cream cheese frosting. I get emotional just picturing it. What say we release a few doves, pour some Baptini’s, and bring the saints poolside?

Does your head hurt? My head hurts.

Fortunately, the video will be forgotten in a few weeks, as soon as another cat learns to play piano. But, for me, it exemplifies “Hip” Christianity, Christianity that tries to seamlessly nestle itself into the cultural landscape. 

All my non-Christian friends laugh about this kind of thing. “It all feels contrived,” they say. In other words, they aren’t buying it.

Baptism is not an event at Fashion Week. Is it a celebration? I think so, and there is nothing wrong with using a pool or beach, nothing wrong with serving cake. But, other than water, the video had nothing to do with the purpose of baptism.

It was more like Jesus changed his name and moved to the Hamptons.

Real baptism is a picture of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. It’s about the removal of sin, a public declaration of faith and new beginnings. The focus is on the saving work of Jesus.

Not everyone finds that appealing. Frankly, many find it cultish, or, at best, a religious formality. Presenting it as a fashionable get-together only distorts the perception further. I don’t pretend to know this woman’s intent.

Perhaps her goal was simply to help believers spruce up tradition, but the end result, in my opinion, was a video on how to drown Jesus at a pool party.

Well-meaning believers often do this when trying to establish relevance in society. After all, who wants to be perceived as backwards and outdated? But the Christian church is counter-cultural by its very nature. The founder was a homeless virgin who coined the phrase, “Love your enemies.”

When Christians try to hide this Jesus behind a more stylized version, they end up losing their identity and effectiveness, and become exactly what they tried to avoid in the first place—Irrelevant.

What do you think? Join the discussion below.

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2 responses to “How about a Stylish Adult Baptism?”

  1. Stephanie Warren says :

    Anthony, I enjoy your blogs.They are thought provoking, but your sarcasm amazes me at times.
    Quote:”What say we release a few doves, pour some Baptini’s, and bring the saints poolside?”…LOL, where do you come up with this?..

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