Marriage and Flat Tires

Today marks one year of marriage for Tanya and I, one amazing year. We have a beautiful home, food in the fridge, and a bun in the oven. By that I mean Tanya is with child. We are five months away from being parents. I am equal parts excited and terrified.

I take comfort in knowing that Tanya is going to be an incredible mother. She is loving and generous, and stubborn enough to keep a mini version of myself in line—God love her. She truly is my blessing from God.

In light of that, I thought I would repost a blog I wrote the summer before we got married. Having a little time to experience the challenges of sharing a life, I am convinced of the importance of respect and honor in a marriage.

Without further ado, I present Marriage and Flat Tires: The Movie.

Yesterday my fiancée got a flat tire as she headed out for work. Luckily, her mom was able to pick her up, and I, being the gentlemen that I am, rushed to the scene to replace the tire.

The following is an excerpt from what would be the screenplay of the story. We are already in talks with major studios for a full length feature. Think The Notebook meets The Fast and the Furious.



Our hero ANTHONY GARCIA pulls aggressively at the passenger rear tire with no luck removing it. He has been at it for almost thirty minutes. Frustrated, he prays that God would help him out so that he can get the spare on and head to the tire shop for a replacement.

His prayer works. Less than five minutes later, two men come to his aid, one equipped with WD-40, and the other with a hammer and pry bar. The man with the hammer lends him a hand.


 Hey. You use the hammer, and I’ll hold this bar. I’m not gonna be the one to mess up your tire.


Sounds good. Thanks for the help, man.


You married?


(confused) Not just yet.


Good. Don’t get married. But, I was gonna say, hit that thing like you hit your wife. (chuckles)


Oscar contender, right? And this is the kind of talk that happens all the time, the old ball and chain routine. Tooly men everywhere sit around and talk about their nagging women. It’s the norm.

This guy I met in the parking lot was just talking shop. That’s how one dude talks to another dude, right? Women are good to have around, you know, for sex and cookin’, but they can’t seem to shut up. They just need to kick off the shoes and head to the kitchen.

Marriage these days is a joke, a flimsy contract that can be changed any time. “I been with ’em for a while. Mine as well. If it works, it works. If not, there are plenty other fish on Facebook.” This cultural norm is a picture of our depravity. It is an indictment of our selfishness and faulty view of God.

We look for happiness, and if what makes me happy today doesn’t tomorrow, it has to go.

I wonder what would happen if there were some Christ-centered men and women that would stand as examples to this culture, to model respect, love, and a servant mentality.

The gospel isn’t just preached from a pulpit. It’s preached next to a flat tire in a parking lot when a man celebrates his wife instead of comparing her to a punching bag. Christ is exalted when a woman breaks up a coffee-soaked, “my loser husband” rantfest by talking about the grace of God in her marriage. After all, marriage is a gift given to us for our joy and ultimately, our sanctification.

No, it isn’t always easy. People are selfish, sinful and impatient, but we can learn and grow in Christ. By God’s grace, let’s wreck the cultural view of marriage and put His glory on display.

What do you think? Join the discussion below.

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Photo Credit: DSarle (Creative Commons)

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