Questioning Animals

In a godless society, what is sanctity of life?

Unborn babies aside, why is any human life sacred? We live. We die. The universe moves on.

Why do we enforce some moral standards and ignore others?

It is tolerable for a man to steal another man’s wife, but if he downloads music without paying he could face 10 years. How does that work?

Who among us is properly equipped to set these standards?

If there is no God, no sovereign judge, what person or body of persons is qualified to determine right from wrong? From where is this authority derived? And how are we to trust one person’s moral compass over another’s?


  1. Enjoyment of vigorous health and physical drives.

  2. Indifferences to all but the physical drives.

  3. The doctrine that humans are merely animals with no spiritual nature.

In an animalistic society—no spirit, only instict—it should stand to reason that only the strong survive. We marvel at the carnage on Animal Planet, the King of the Jungle making a meal of a lesser beast. It’s terrible, yet fascinatingly normal.

If human beings are just beasts with better posture, why do we punish those who quench a “natural” thirst for blood. How are they to extinguish born tendencies, and why should they?

People kill people. You can’t argue with nature.

Why, then, do we criminalize our apex predators? Who are we to cage these men and women, and why in the world does PETA allow it?

Just a few questions about the nature of mankind. I would love to hear your thoughts. By that, I mean read them. Seriously, feel free to join the discussion.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    Is that Ravi I’m smelling?

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