3 inspirational quotes that are actually ridiculous

1. Failure is not fatal.

Unless, of course, it is. For anyone who has messed up royally—That would be me!—this is like sweet lemonade on a hot summer day.

However, you probably won’t hear this little pick-me-up in med school. I doubt flight instructors include it in their Powerpoint presentations. That’s probably because, in many instances, failure is actually fatal.

Now, I know the intent behind this phrase is to remind people that there is life after mistake, that your failure doesn’t have to define your future. Thank God for that. But we toss it around too freely. Just ask a divorce attorney if failure is fatal. It certainly kills enough marriages.

2. When God closes a door He always opens a window.

I’m not even sure what this means. Is God pulling pranks?

“Hey, Peter, come watch this dude try to fit through this window. The poor fool doesn’t even know he’s two stories up.”

The only story that comes to mind about God closing doors is Noah and the ark. God slammed the ark door shut, but He made sure the windows were closed too. And then He flooded the earth.

I think I get the idea. God is closing a door that leads to pain and opening a window of opportunity. But what if He “closed the door” to keep you where you are? Maybe He knows you aren’t going to like the weather conditions outside the boat.

3. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Slow down there, R. Kelly. Do you know what happens to people who believe they can fly? Shock therapy. Or at the very least, a trip to the emergency room.

I used to dream about being the sixth member of N’SYNC. I know. But it didn’t matter how well I knew the choreography to Bye, Bye, Bye or how curly my hair was. JT had always planned to go solo and smash my dream. But enough about me.

Let’s say in his younger days, back when he was bench pressing bikini models at Muscle Beach, Arnold Schwarzenegger was dreaming about becoming the president of the United States. It sounds like a great movie, but it could never be reality. He wasn’t born here. He did, however, become the governor of Ca-Li-Fooor-Ni-A. That’s close enough, right? While many dreams can be achieved, some goals are unattainable. Sad, but true.

By all means, reach for the stars. But keep your head out of the clouds.

Don’t misunderstand; I love inspirational quotes. They push us to work harder and pick us up when we fall. But some of them should be reconsidered. Before you Tweet it, post it to Facebook, or have it tattooed on the small of your back, make sure it holds up to common sense and real world scenarios.

What are some inspirational quotes that drive you crazy? Share them in the comment section below.

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Photo Credit: EYECCD (Creative Commons)

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