Abortion. I know. It’s a tough topic.

I’m surprised you even clicked the link. Abortion is one of the most polarizing topics in history. Whether you call it murder or mother’s choice, you are generally advised to keep it to yourself. Take your issue to the ballot box, but keep it off the table. Right?

Well, since this blog is committed to hanging out at the intersection of theology and culture, and since this past Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, here goes nothing.

I have attached a 30 minute audio clip of a sermon by Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas. Wherever you sit in the debate, I think you will find this talk thought provoking. I hope you’ll take the time to listen.

Life (Matt Chandler)

Since I know many of you will choose not to listen, I am including some highlights from his sermon below.

He opened up discussing the tragedies at Sandy Hook and Penn State. It is important to note that he was by no means minimizing the events.

“I contend to this day that we would have been shocked, but we would not have nearly been as undone if he had simply shot the adults.”

“We really dug in because, for us, the soft spot in American culture is our children. Don’t touch our kids. We’ll change the laws about it. We’ll relook at how we’re handling health about it. You can’t do it. It’s the one thing that really brings us together and makes us collectively have a desire for justice.”

“… to see our absolute outcry over thirty children who were abused (Penn State) or murdered (Sandy Hook) and the lackadaisical, non plugged in, non concern about 53,000,000 abortions that have occurred since Roe v. Wade in 1973.”

On arguments in favor of abortion:

“Who are you to tell a woman what to do with her body?” He says, “I’m not advocating doing anything with a woman’s body. What I am talking about is saving a baby’s life.”

The argument goes… “What about rape, incest, and the safety of the mother?” His response: “That makes up less than 1% of all abortions that have ever occurred. That is a straw man argument meant to stir up fear more that it is a reality.”

On the scientific support for pro-life: 

People say, “A five year old and a fetus aren’t the same. You’re comparing apples to oranges.”

“Let’s just let science be our friend. At the moment of conception […] when the sperm hits the egg, at the moment of conception there is new life possessing 46 chromosomes that are completely distinct from Mom’s and from Dad’s. Genetically speaking, when the sperm hits the egg you have a wholly different human being inside of Mom.”

“In 1973, when Roe v. Wader occurred, there was no sonogram. We can see our babies in the womb now. There are studies now showing that the baby is dreaming in the womb. Science will eventually, I believe, turn over Roe v. Wade.”

“At eight weeks, the baby is sucking her thumb. She is recoiling from pricking. She is fearful of pain. She responds to sound; this is in the womb. All her organs are present. Her brain is functioning. Her heart is pumping. Her liver is making blood cells. Her kidneys are cleaning fluid. She has finger prints at eight weeks.”

More on support for pro-choice:

“Literally all abortions that occur occur past eight weeks. And what you will find is that those who are pro-choice will never refer to this as a baby. In fact, some of the more ridiculous ones will refer to this as a ‘product of conception.’” 

“Tissue? Thumb sucking, music loving, fearful of pain having tissue? Sounds a lot like my three-year old daughter.”

“Under federal law, if you touch—the actual law reads molest—if you molest, break, or steal a fertilized sea turtle egg you can be punished up to a $100,000 and put in prison for 10 years. Seared conscience anyone?”

On the issue of secular feminists in Europe being outraged over the abortion of primarily baby girls, he says, “If it’s ultimately a woman’s choice, and that’s not a little girl to begin with, but a product of conception, if that’s just a clump of cells and not a girl, then why does it matter?”

We will end with two of the most important things Matt said in his sermon:

“To be indifferent is to make us complicit with this tragedy.”

“There is grace for those who have been actively involved with abortion.”

I would love to know your opinion, whatever that might be. Join the discussion in the comment section below.

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Photo Credit: A Mommy Story (Creative Commons)

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3 responses to “Abortion. I know. It’s a tough topic.”

  1. Kelsey says :

    I attended (with admitted chagrin and acute hesitancy) a vigil for the millions of fetus deaths that have occurred during the 40 years since Roe v. Wade. I am painfully aware that both share a bloody history. In the 1980’s religious protesters made children lie down side by side in the parking lot of an abortion clinic in the way of unsuspecting drivers. Recently, a woman whose infant had died in utero, went to a clinic to have the corpse removed and was greeted by a child, egged on by their guardian(s), singing lullabies about dead babies. A sign, a graphic picture, a vote…these aren’t and shouldn’t be the primary tools of conflict. The issue is so complex that it can only be breached on an intimately individual level. Unfortunately, the Bible barely mentions abortion and in my experience, the church hasn’t handled that well. One thing is sure, it would be folly to deny a frightened female an abortion without offering her some serious support.

  2. Jeff says :

    I listened to Chandler’s sermon last week. It was provocative and needed because he was gracious with the gospel. I get that there are some complex issues with abortion because I know people close to me that have gone through it. So we need to seek to hear out everyone but stand firm in love, grace, & mercy. In the end it’s about a life no matter how it came about. I’m pro-life from womb to tomb.

  3. LC says :

    Reblogged this on Journey to Biblical Womanhood and commented:
    Interesting blog post I found on abortion and Matt Chandler’s arguments against it. Great read and worth the time!

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