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The Dark Knight Rises Today

The time has come. After years of hiding in the shadows, the Dark Knight is finally rising. Seeing how this is [theo]culture, a blog dedicated to revealing the thumbprint of God on every area of the human experience, I could take this time to talk about the biblical symbolism in the film.

I could talk about how Gotham City is an example of the depravity of man and the effects of sin.

I could show how Batman is a picture of Christ, in that he leaves the comforts of infinite wealth and humbles himself in servanthood for the rescue and salvation of mankind, only to be rejected and vilified, and yet he comes back to save the same people who pushed him away. (Wow, that was a long sentence.)

But thats not what I want to talk about. I haven’t even seen in yet. This is just a simple declaration of how amped I am. I’m more excited than this guy… Read More…

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