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Life Compartments

Much of everyday life is about compartmentalizing, juggling. We talk about a work/life balance, though many of us see the scales tipping more towards the work side of the equation. But this is how we cope with the busyness of life. Trying to tackle all the responsibility we are shouldered with is more than cumbersome, it’s almost impossible. So we divide our lives into bite-sized pieces.

We have the professional life, the personal life (chock full of romance and mystery, no doubt), the social life, and finally, and most important, I’m sure, we have  the spiritual life. This is the compartment dedicated to worship, church attendance, prayer and the like.

God gets a whole category all the to himself. He must be so happy!

On the surface, this seems like a healthy way to live. We can work, play, spend time with our loved ones and round it all out with a focused walk with God. It’s nice. The only problem is it’s not biblical. At all. Not even a bit. Read More…

The Trouble With Nice Guy Joe

Nice old guy

I work with a guy in his seventies. By most standards, he’s old. He walks with a bit of a limp and has had several surgeries. He has suffered a few major tragedies, and he is still working for a living, but somehow he remains a really nice guy. Like, ridiculously nice.

The kind of nice that makes you think to yourself, “Come on now. Is it possible for anybody to be this nice?” Think about the nicest person you have ever met. Can you see their face? Yea, Joe would make that person seem like a terrorist by comparison. Trust me.

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Pray At Work (Without Getting Fired)

Let’s face it, unless you work for a church, or maybe Chick-fil-A, you don’t get paid to pray on the job. You are there to earn a living and benefit the company. So here are 3 ways to pray at work, without getting fired or creeping people out:

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