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Marriage and Flat Tires

Today marks one year of marriage for Tanya and I, one amazing year. We have a beautiful home, food in the fridge, and a bun in the oven. By that I mean Tanya is with child. We are five months away from being parents. I am equal parts excited and terrified.

I take comfort in knowing that Tanya is going to be an incredible mother. She is loving and generous, and stubborn enough to keep a mini version of myself in line—God love her. She truly is my blessing from God.

In light of that, I thought I would repost a blog I wrote the summer before we got married. Having a little time to experience the challenges of sharing a life, I am convinced of the importance of respect and honor in a marriage.

Without further ado, I present Marriage and Flat Tires: The Movie.

Yesterday my fiancée got a flat tire as she headed out for work. Luckily, her mom was able to pick her up, and I, being the gentlemen that I am, rushed to the scene to replace the tire.

The following is an excerpt from what would be the screenplay of the story. We are already in talks with major studios for a full length feature. Think The Notebook meets The Fast and the Furious.

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The Guilt Dangle (Revisited)

This time last year I wrote a blog post detailing a system I created. For the past week and a half, my wife and I were in Alabama visiting family and I found myself dusting off my creation and putting it to use. I’m not proud of it, and since I know some of you may be using a similar system in your relationships, I am reposting the blog as a reminder to myself and a warning to you. Here you go:

Have you ever been offended, hurt, or mistreated? Of course you have, and you’re not alone. The question is, what can you do about it? How do you make the offending party aware of your feelings and prevent them from ever messing up again? I have developed a method that I find most helpful. You have probably applied this method in some variation before. I call it The Guilt Dangle.

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Define Tolerance

Unless you just climbed out of a hole—In which case, welcome back!—you have probably seen the controversy swirling above cattle savior, Chick-Fil-A.

The company’s COO, Dan Cathy made statements regarding his opinion on the issue of same-sex marriage, thus inciting an all out war against intolerance. Chick-Fil-A, widely known as a “Christian” company, has funded organizations in support of heterosexual marriage for years. This is not the first time the chicken giant has been accused of pushing agenda.

However, Dan Cathy’s statements on June 16th have been translated as a battle cry and the company is taking shots from several gay rights groups and politicians who are calling for boycotts and protests of its restaurant locations.

And so a line has been drawn, dividing people into the tolerant or the outright intolerant.

But what in the world is tolerance?

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Life Compartments

Much of everyday life is about compartmentalizing, juggling. We talk about a work/life balance, though many of us see the scales tipping more towards the work side of the equation. But this is how we cope with the busyness of life. Trying to tackle all the responsibility we are shouldered with is more than cumbersome, it’s almost impossible. So we divide our lives into bite-sized pieces.

We have the professional life, the personal life (chock full of romance and mystery, no doubt), the social life, and finally, and most important, I’m sure, we have  the spiritual life. This is the compartment dedicated to worship, church attendance, prayer and the like.

God gets a whole category all the to himself. He must be so happy!

On the surface, this seems like a healthy way to live. We can work, play, spend time with our loved ones and round it all out with a focused walk with God. It’s nice. The only problem is it’s not biblical. At all. Not even a bit. Read More…

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