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Abortion. I know. It’s a tough topic.

I’m surprised you even clicked the link. Abortion is one of the most polarizing topics in history. Whether you call it murder or mother’s choice, you are generally advised to keep it to yourself. Take your issue to the ballot box, but keep it off the table. Right?

Well, since this blog is committed to hanging out at the intersection of theology and culture, and since this past Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, here goes nothing.

I have attached a 30 minute audio clip of a sermon by Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas. Wherever you sit in the debate, I think you will find this talk thought provoking. I hope you’ll take the time to listen.

Life (Matt Chandler)

Since I know many of you will choose not to listen, I am including some highlights from his sermon below.

He opened up discussing the tragedies at Sandy Hook and Penn State. It is important to note that he was by no means minimizing the events.

“I contend to this day that we would have been shocked, but we would not have nearly been as undone if he had simply shot the adults.”

“We really dug in because, for us, the soft spot in American culture is our children. Don’t touch our kids. We’ll change the laws about it. We’ll relook at how we’re handling health about it. You can’t do it. It’s the one thing that really brings us together and makes us collectively have a desire for justice.”

“… to see our absolute outcry over thirty children who were abused (Penn State) or murdered (Sandy Hook) and the lackadaisical, non plugged in, non concern about 53,000,000 abortions that have occurred since Roe v. Wade in 1973.”

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