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Eat. Pray. Gossip.

I am not a fan of radio. I’m very hipster in that way.

I can’t prove this, but I’m fairly certain every station has made an unspoken agreement to shuffle through the same five song playlist. Every day.

How many times in one day can Adele set fire to the rain? She must be stopped. Someone has to tell Flo Rida that, much like the club, I can’t even handle him right now. We live in a world where the number one song on the Billboard charts is about a female stalker that thinks, just maybe a guy should call her.

Am I the only one who is concerned about this? I digress.

Cheesy pop music aside, my biggest issue with radio is what airs between One Direction songs and commercial breaks. Almost every station I have listened to has an hourly segment dedicated to the latest celebrity gossip. Read More…

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