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Give A Compliment, Get A Compliment

If you haven’t watched this video, do so, and see if warm tinglies don’t creep from your heart up to your smile muscles. Who knows, you might even cry.

The concept is so simple. Give a compliment, get a compliment.

  • 1 phone booth
  • 1 giant pair of Beats by Dre
  • 2 curious passers-by

I love how, when the opportunity presented itself, these people happily derailed their plans to take a moment and share spontaneous words of appreciation. The statements were so raw, and that’s what made them fantastic.

“The compliment I want to give you today, that I’ve never said to you before, is your awareness of other people and how nice you are to everyone in the room.”

A teary-eyed father opened up to his son for the first time. Life-long friends exchanged compliments that neither had ever heard.

It’s obvious, based on the relationships, that these people had hundreds of opportunities before this day to share their feelings, and perhaps they had in some capacity, but it wasn’t until they were provided with this platform that they opened their hearts on such a deep level.

They needed a push. Read More…

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