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Pictures of Grace

Grace is a hard thing to grasp. Reconciling undeserving offenders with unmerited grace is difficult to do.

With biblical words like sin and depravity, justice and mercy, it’s even harder to explain.

But, occasionally a picture finds its way into the culture, an incomplete, yet beautiful illustration of costly grace personified.

I came across a news story, which you can read here, about an 18-year-old boy whose decision to drink and drive resulted in the death of his two passengers. Facing between 15 months and 30 years, this young man’s life will never be the same. On the night of his graduation, he became an accidental murderer.

Takunda Mavinda feels the weight of his crime. Through tears, he addressed the victims’ families. “I’m so sorry that I took two bright, intelligent, wonderful people out of this world …. I wish … I’m so sorry.”

A plea was made to the court on his behalf.

I am begging you to let Takunda make something of himself in the real world — don’t send him to prison and get hard and bitter, that boy has learned his lesson a thousand times over and he’ll never make the same mistake again. Read More…

Deep Dark Blackness

I recently came across this video from artist/photographer Jeremy Cowart, shot during the creation of his piece, Deep Dark Blackness.

It’s a messy, fantastic portrayal of the darkness of sin and the “beauty of radical grace.” From an artistic standpoint it is remarkable.

The piece is thought-provoking by itself (You can purchase a print here), but you can’t fully appreciate it until you watch the creation process in this time-lapse clip.

To me, this is what [theo]culture is all about.

Check it out! I’d love to know what you think in the comments section below.


For more of his work, head to jeremycowart.com.

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