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The Beckoning of Responsibility

My Dad is a former marine. My Mom spent a short time in both the army and the navy. My brother is currently a combat engineer/paratrooper (The dude jumps out of planes. On purpose.) stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Where do I fit in this, you ask? I played army a few times growing up. Oh, and I had a bunch of G.I. Joe’s. That’s it, with the exception of the work below.

The following is a flash fiction piece I wrote. 

It’s midnight. He sits in the same post he started the day in. Of course, his day didn’t begin until 1 p.m. Nevertheless, he sits. His eyes, blood-shot and glassy, stare into the horizon. There he finds both enemy and comrade, and one impulsive mistake could turn friend to foe in an instant. His fingers ache, almost arthritic, but he fights for his life, his country. This is no time to focus on pain. Read More…

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