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Where was God at Sandy Hook?

20 children. 6 adults. A senseless massacre in what should have been a safe place.

“Where was the ‘God of love’ in all of this? How could he allow such vile things to happen?”

It’s a hard question, but a reasonable one.

Why would an all-powerful, all-loving being allow a madman to destroy the lives of so many people, the ones who died and those forced to live without them? I won’t even pretend to understand how these families feel right now.

I can’t say I wouldn’t shake my fists at the Heavens if I were in this situation.

So, where was He? Was He absent, arms folded in the distance? Events like these cause many people to deny the possibility of a loving Creator.

I would simply say this.

Denying the existence of God based on the presence of tragedy is like denying the existence of love based on the presence of hate. Read More…

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